Monday, April 18, 2011

December 3rd, 2036


Here it comes. The fuse on this 9 month stick of TNT has finally been lit. The little monster's coming now. I'm leaving to go to the hospital and I thought to write quickly before I'm tortured by birthing out some screaming little ball of rapid cell division. Dijon's picking me up. My water broke. I feel disgusting. I'm in pain. She'll be here any minute and I'm packing up my stuff to go to the hospital. Which is really just this book, a dog-tag to squeeze through the pain, and a pillow with a shirt tucked in it.

I'll write as soon as this whole giving birth thing is over.

I love you, Eros. I'm scared and I'm all alone. But I'm alone only for a couple more hours. Til the big fucking kaboom! And when this thing blows I'll never be alone again.


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