Monday, March 28, 2011

February 14th, 2626

Happy Valentines Day, Eros!

Its your day! I wish you were real and could celebrate with me. You know? That would be nice. To see you. You're so real to me. Maybe that makes me insane, that the invisible person I write to seems more real to me than most of the people that I encounter in a day. But you've been here so much longer than they have. I wish you could have a physical form, because I'd love to go out to dinner with someone tonight.

I'm stuck babysitting. I hate children. They make me lonlier.

I'm so fucking lonely, Eros. Today, I am lonely. I want to love again. I have feelings still, but I can't love anymore.

Sadeem and Joelle wanted to go out to La Piedra Que Canta tonight and I'm a stupid idiot and decided to offer to watch Lucy. I like Joelle. She seems a good fit for Sadeem. I just can't imagine the pain he'll suffer when she passes. And Lucy. I mean, I can remember. I just can't imagine it again. Makes me shiver. Lucy's a cute kid, too. She's got Joelle's eyes, surprisingly. Big pretty green eyes, and long long curly locks of beautiful black hair. She'll land herself a very good looking man, someday. For now, she's content to hang with me, bake cookies, and play in the D.O.M.E. I love to do these things. But its making me remember things I shouldn't. And that makes me nervous. Because when I remember things I shouldn't, I do things I shouldn't. Dr. Gresh will not be happy if I continue to remember.

Ah, Eros, I wish it were you and I at La Piedra Que Canta, eating a romantic dinner together. Candle lit. Cozy. I wish you were here. I'm sad, Eros. I wish Liam never left me alone.


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