Sunday, March 6, 2011

November 13th, 2015


Today was bad. I got taken out of class. I was hallucinating. I do that sometimes when I get afriad. I see stuff thats really not there. I'm not crazy. I mean I think I'm not crazy.

Today in my social studies class we were talking about this massacre that happened in 1856 in Colorado where these super peaceful Indians were just chillin and then these dirtbag American soldiers came and took off their scalps and murdered 200 people in cold blood and suddenly I was there and I was lookin around and there were all these really dead people with no scalps on their heads and I couldn't stop thinking about dying and I wondered if those bodies were ever even buried and maybe if their souls were just not even there and maybe they just were in black.

And thats why I had a bad day. So I just sat there staring at my teacher but really I was looking around and seeing dead Indians and little kids getting killed by some Americans and I was so afraid but what happens when I'm afraid is I can't move at all so I just sat there lookin at Mr. Jacob and then the bell rang and we were supposed to go to our specials but I was just sitting there lookin at Mr. Jacob and then he got nervous and I had to get taken out of class by Mrs. Gonzo because I couldn't move so she carried me into her office and then my hallucination stopped.

I used to spell hallucinate hellusinate.


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