Sunday, March 6, 2011

September 3rd, 2015

Hiiiyyeeeeee Eros,

School starts in two days. I'm going to start my first year of middle school this year! I can't wait to go to a new school. I hope I don't have gay teachers. Not really gay, just lame gay. I might actually like to have a regular gay teacher because those people are nice and sometimes other people aren't.

They wanted me to take this honors test to get into the nerd classes but I don't want to. I'd probably fail anyway and get into idiot classes but I don't want to risk being in nerd classes. I have alot of friends and I don't wanna not be in their classes just to be in a smart kid math class. Thats corny.

I hope I make alot of friends. I'm gonna write more tomorrow about today because I don't have much to write yet, but I didn't want to miss a day because later on Chelsea is coming over and I don't want to be writing because she's sleeping over and we're gonna build a tent and put some bungee cords on my stuffed animals and launch them out of my window bungee jumping. And then we're going to go collect worms in the rain, if it rains, which I want it to do. I'm really happy that Chelsea is my friend. I always get so nervous because I know I'm really weird especially because I always have to leave the class to go and talk to counselors and people look at people like that and think they don't wanna be friends because that person is weird, and I know that. But sometimes I'm just so afraid in class and if I don't talk to a counselor once a day then I can't stop thinking about the bad stuff and when I do that well I can't behave in class. So I'm just really glad that I'm not too weird for friends because I know I'm a good person. I mean, I hope so. I don't do bad stuff, I just think really scary stuff and then I get hyper and need to talk and sometimes I launch my crayons across the room on crayon catapults because I know that will distract me. But Chelsea doesn't care that I'm really weird so thats really good for me.

Eros, I'm really glad I can write to you. So thanks. And I'll write again tomorrow. And tell you all about what me and Chelsea do.

Lynn =]

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