Wednesday, March 23, 2011

June 12th, 2029


I guess it's really happening. Today we bought our plane tickets. To Vegas we go. We're leaving on August 5th and coming home on August 11th. Liam wants to book a chapel in advance. I think we should just wing it when we get there. The right place, I think, will illuminate itself for us amidst the lights of the most illuminated city in the world. I think.

I know how crazy this is. When I look back on my life, future me, I'm going to tell myself how crazy this all was. But my life without Liam seems not a life at all. We're connected. I know that its insane. Fuck, we haven't even tried to move in together yet. And I doubt we will, when all this is said and done, until other things in both of our lives pan out. Like finishing school. And securing a career. Or something. I don't know. I'm gonna ride my parent's coattails until there are none left to ride. So moving in isn't really something I think about as serious, anyway.

But getting married, somehow, is serious. And real. And insane. But not really insane at all. The only insane thing about it is that I feel any fear to begin with. This is something special. Once in a lifetime. True beyond the truest of things. If I allow myself to do what I do, be anxious and fearful at this thing I don't understand, that would be insanity. I won't do that, though, so long as I've got Liam's hand in mine. A 98.6 degree reminder that this warmth I feel isn't going to burn out or die away. So long as there is a pulse, every beat of me will sing with Liam's rhythm.

So. August. What's up, married life?

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