Tuesday, March 8, 2011

May 4th, 2036


Cancer. The big fucking C. How am I supposed to tell Liam? He's going to cry. I hate when men cry.

Dr. Frank said I should go into the office tomorrow to talk. I'm not going to tell Liam anything until I go. I trust Dr. Frank; he's been my doctor since I was just a girl. This Comprehensive Doctor's rule or whatever they call it is really great; I can't imagine a life where my doctor wasn't always my doctor. They say back in the old days that one person could have up to twenty doctors at a time! Thats insanity. Dr. Frank is more than just my psychologist or my physician, he's my oncologist now, too, and my gynocologist, and my pharmacist, and I love that in all things related to my health, Dr. Frank is there for me. He's my friend most importantly-a figurehead in my life that I can trust. So tomorrow I'll go and see him. Maybe he'll be my counselor, too, and help me figure out how to talk to Liam.

I didn't like the sound of his voice on the phone, though, when he said we needed to talk. I'm nervous. What if he says there is nothing he can do? What if he tells me I'm terminally dead?

Don't you think they'd have cured cancer by now?


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