Thursday, March 31, 2011

November 26th, 2015

Hey Eros,

So I guess that Dr. McCord thought that my brain was damaged and thats why they kept me all of those days in that hospital but finally some tests came back or something and they say that my brain is okay. I was really happy when I found out this news because who really wants to have a bad brain? But my brain is okay, they say, besides that I have some really bad "anxiety disorders" and now instead they want to take me into the hospital for another lot of days so that they can test my heart. They think that because my brain isn't bad my heart is bad. So now I have to go and sit in that boring hospital all over again and I found out and started to cry because I can't go to school then and thats not fair. I know, right? What kid wants to go to school so bad they cry? Maybe I'm just so afraid of the hospital and doctors that I don't want to go but I don't know and I don't care I just really wish this weren't happening to me at all. Watch I go and stay there all those days and it turns out there isn't anything wrong with my heart at all and instead they think now there is something wrong with my stomach. So they keep me in the hospital forever. Its all a plot to try and keep me in a hospital that they disguise as a hospital but really its just a place to stick all the crazy kids like me to keep them away from all the normal kids like Chelsea. I wish so bad I were normal. They'll give me all that medicine that made me feel funny again and I don't like that because I have bad dreams when that happens.

I wonder if Dr. McCord will even be my doctor this time? Maybe some other weird old man will be? I hope it's Dr. McCord.


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