Tuesday, March 22, 2011

February 22, 2777


I took of my eye bandages today. No more headaches. Blessed doctors, who take away my pain. I have another set of perfect blue eyes. My vision is clear. I feel like I can go outside, tomorrow, and engage in healthy activity. I will bring Bali. I ate my nuts for breakfast and drank my milk, like the doctors have ordered I do to make sure I have healthy amounts of natural protein and calcium. I like this diet. It makes me feel healthy. Increased chances of survival, with good health. Not that that matters anymore.

Today I spent reading. I read the first two acts of King Lear. I think that of the Shakespeares, this is my favorite of his works. I think it is his greatest accomplishment. They've, through the Loooking Glass, been able to see him at his work. I wish I could have known him, he seems like an interesting fellow.

Eros. I wish I had more to write. I don't. My eyes are healthy. Thats all.


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