Tuesday, March 22, 2011

November 17th, 2015


I don't really know how to explain the past couple of days and I know I didn't write at all and I'm sorry but I was really busy and I was in the hospital and stuff and so I didn't really have the time.

The day after I freaked out at school I went into school and they sent me home with a letter to give to my mom. I wanted to read it really bad. It was unopened and it looked really easy to snoop in. So I almost did it. I looked and looked and tried to convince myself that I could read the letter and get away with the whole thing but I knew if I read the letter it would be painted all over my face and my mom would know the minute I gave it to her that I had read the letter and she'd be mad and yell at me. So I just left it in my brand new blue bookbag, finally a Jansport and not some lame bookbag with flowers all over it or something dumb. When I got home I gave my mom the letter (which she thought I read anyway because it was opened and I thought to myself, well that was stupid of you) and she started to cry and she hugged me alot. I still don't know what that stupid letter said.

So the day after that I didn't go to school. Instead I went to a doctor's office. His name is Dr. Frank M. McCord. He just sat there trying to get to know me the whole time I was sitting in this puffy red chair he had in his office and I thought that was weird because when I go to the doctor they put a cold thing on my back to hear my heart and prescribe me some cough medicine and then charge my mom 5$. They don't care who I am. We just talked and stuff and it was really lame and I wanted to go home but my mom said if I stayed and didn't make a big deal about anything she'd take me out to the movies. And there is sequel coming out soon to the Kung-Fu Aliens movie that I really want to see, so I'm going to make her take me to see that. And then Dr. Frank M. McCord told me I wouldn't be going to school for a few days and at first I thought was was totally awesome but then he told me I would be spending a few days in the hospital getting tests done to my brain and then it wasn't so awesome anymore and I was angry at my mom for tricking me because she knows how I feel about brains. Especially my own brains.

So I haven't been able to write until today because my mom kept on forgetting my journal at home so I couldn't write, but I did have my gameboy and I got to play a lot of Pokemon. I had my own room there and stuff and I wasn't around any smelly old people or anything but I didn't get to do anything fun or go outside and they put a lot of medicine in me and they made me sit very still in these big machines so they could take pictures of my brain and even once they had to drill into my eyeballs to get a picture of a part of my brain they couldn't see unless they drilled into my eyeballs. it wasn't like a drill drill just a little laser thingy that I had to hold my eyes really wide open so they could insert it into my head. Ah! I don't like these past couple days.

The only really good thing about these past couple days has been Dr. Frank. He was my only visitor on one of the days since my mom was working really late and my dad who never stops working couldn't make it on his way home at 12 o'clock at night so Dr. Frank came. He spent almost all day with me that day, and most of the other days with me, too. My only other visitors were Arty and Max, who drove over in his car. I didn't tell Max what happened. I only told him not to worry about me and I was in the hospital but would be back soon. So he went to my house and demanded that Arty take him to visit me because he said that no one should ever be in the hospital without a friend. I love him. But other than that it was just me and Dr. Frank. We played apples to apples and monopoly and he lost at monopoly but thats because I cheat when I play that game, but he beat me at spit every time. He tried to teach me chess but thats boring so we went to the kitchen and helped the chef's cook instead. I really like him he is a really nice man and I think that if it weren't for him I might have had more anxiety attacks than I did. I only had one that I can remember, which was after this man in a purple coat walked past my door about a zillion times and looked in at me with these black eyes and I thought he probably wanted to murder me which is one of my biggest fears, being murdered. So thank God for Dr. Frank.

Anyway Eros, I don't have much else to write now but I'm glad that I am home. I have to go and see Dr. Frank again every day for a while because I think he's still testing my brain, but I get to go back to school in two days and so I'm really happy because I miss Chelsea a lot. She didn't know I was in the hospital but I can't wait to tell her about the weirdo who lived next door to me who never stopped licking things. I never got close to her, I didn't wanna get licked too. LOL! And I get to go outside with Max later, so I'm happy. We're going to explore a patch of woods around the corner we just learned about. I can't wait!

Love you, Eros,

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